Buồng thử sốc nhiệt 3 lớp SM-50-3P-A SM-80-3P-A SM-150-3P-A SM-200-3P-A SM-300-3P-A SM-500-3P-A

This method can reduce energy consumption by 30% under low temperature conditions. High low temperature(Three Zone)Thermal shock chamber is consist of High temperature test area(Pre-heating area), Low temperature test area(Pre-cooling)area and test area(RT), adopt independent wind path switching mode to transfer hot and cold air to test area make sure the high low temperature swift, the test sample shall not move during the test. The test chaber is suitable for the examination of the whole set of products, components, parts and materials subjected to rapid changes in temperature. The temperature impact test chamber are used in a shortest time to evaluate the test samples due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by the changes of chemical or physical damage. materials industry .

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